Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kaho and Super Quest Items


Wana lay your hands on one of these?
There are several ways you can get kaho horns:
1. Buy it from other players
2. Buy it using 60 talonro coins from the reward shop
3. Spend some time on the kaho quest!
You shall begin your quest by heading to the field outside of magma dungeon [warp girl>dungeons>magma dungeon]

After talking to the npc....................
What's next?
All the answers will be revealed once you tag along with us in TRO!


To obtain these cool sqis, you must:
1. obtain 4 type of seals from several mvps
2. get a party of 6 people to pass the sqi arena
3. obtain the required ingredients for specific sqis of your choice
4. and tada! your very own sqi!!!!

For more detailed description click here


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